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(Polski) Tańsze bilety na ferie zimowe!

(Polski) Podczas zbliżających się ferii zimowych (13-26 lutego) bilet wstępu kosztował będzie jedynie 4 złote!


(Polski) Zapraszamy na wyjątkowe oprowadzania po wystawie, które odbywać się będą w każdy czwartek o godzinie 19.00!

(Polski) Wystawa przedłużona do końca marca!

(Polski) Z radością informujemy, że w związku z ogromnym zainteresowaniem widzów, wystawa Photography Never Dies zostaje ponownie otwarta dla zwiedzających! Kolekcję na Dworcu Głównym PKP oglądać będzie można do 31 marca.

(Polski) Godziny otwarcia w Święta

(Polski) 23 grudnia (piątek): 11:00 - 15:00
24 grudnia (sobota): zamknięte
25 grudnia (niedziela): zamknięte
26 grudnia (poniedziałek): zamknięte

(Polski) Oprowadzanie po wystawie

(Polski) Zapraszamy na oprowadzanie po wystawie "Photography Never Dies", które odbędzie się 22 grudnia (czwartek) o godzinie 19:00.

(Polski) Dni Otwarte Dla Sztuki

(Polski) W dniach 16-18 grudnia w ramach Weekendu Zamknięcia Programu ESK Wrocław 2016 wystawa „Photography Never Dies” na Dworcu Głównym PKP dostępna będzie bezpłatnie.

Opening of the exhibition

The exhibition is divided into 8 chapters. Among them: the icons of photography along with the contemporary art projects, prints from private archives and photos from social media: – I invited artists who talk about photography as a medium and approach the subject in a metaphorical way. The projects tell both about photography itself, as well as respond to the question, what is the photography and how it has changed over the past 170 years – explains Krzysztof Candrowicz, curator.

PND at TIFF Festival in Wrocław

Photography Never Dies returns to Wrocław. Join us for a slide show and a promo party. This is our last stop before the exhibition opens.

02.09.2016, 21:30
Festival center
46 Ruska Street, Wrocław

Radiowy Dom Kultury from Arles

Krzysztof Candrowicz, the curator of the Photography Never Dies exhibition will be aired on the Polish Radio, Program 3, on July 9 at 12:00. You will be able to listen in also at,W-podrozy

Cosmos Book Arles Meeting Video

The meeting with the curator and the artists is over. For those who couldn’t be here, you can watch an entire video coverage at:

Photography Never Dies in Arles

Having visited Polish photo festivals, the Polish Paradise and the Photography Never Dies project have arrived in Arles. You can find us in Cosmos Arles Books from the 4th to the 9th of July, discover more about the project and buy the book. You can also meet the curator

Krzysztof Candrowicz and the artists: Erik Kessels, Francesca Seravalle, Jean Marie Donat, Catherine Ballet and Artur Urbański. Moreover, the European Capital of Culture is organizing the Polish Paradise Never Dies party, where you will get a chance to get the catalogue. Check out the entire program at:

04.07 - 09.07.2016
Cosmos Arles Books
Ancien collège Frederic Mistral
Rue Condorcet, Arles

The book is ready

There is still some time left to the exhibition, but we are proudly announcing that the book, which is its companion piece, is ready!


The book will be available for purchase during the exhibition.

Photography Never Dies on the go

This time, our mobile information center will land in the Fotofestival in Łódź. It’s already its second stop on the project-launch-tour: the Photography Never Dies camper, together with the Cracow Photomonth, TIFF Festival and Fotofestival campers stopped first in Cracow and soon will visit the biggest photography event in the world - Les Recontres D’Arles, as part of the Polish Paradise project.

09.06 - 19.06.2016
Festival center
Art Center, 3 Tymienieckiego Street, Łódź

Save the date!

The date of the exhibition is already known. Get ready for a journey through history and evolution of photography. The exhibition starts on Nov 17th 2016 and lasts until Jan 8th 2017.

Photography Never Dies Sneak Peak at the Photomonth in Cracow

Works on the Photography Never Dies exhibition and the accompanying book are well on their way. Meanwhile, in front of the Cracow Photomonth office, we put our Photography Never Dies camper – a sneak peak of the project and the Polish Paradise during Les Recontres D’Arles, an event comprising of the book launch and meeting the curator and the artists.

12.05 - 12.06.2016
Photomonth in Cracow
Festival Office
Tytonie, 10 Dolnych Młynów Street, Cracow