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The Immortality of Photography

Erik Kessels

One Image

We are making more images now than ever before. This brings the value of an image in contemporary society into question. We have developed the ability to filter them, to discern in a split second which are relevant or interesting to us and which ones to discard. As a result we rarely stop to take a closer look, to pause and read, appreciate or question an image.

This exhibition consists of one image only. It’s the last picture taken of my sister. She was killed aged nine in an accident while crossing the street. After this tragedy, my parents started looking for the last image of her. This process helped them with their grief. They found this seemingly random snapshot of our family and cropped the image in such a way that the focus was totally on her. After this, my parents enlarged and framed it. Ever since, this photograph hangs in their living room.


Erik Kessels